How it Works

Udely is a peer to peer map integrated delivery service app. Order whatever you need: food, home goods, personal items, groceries, and a nearby Udely will fulfill your order . Track your package in real time via the map.







  • Use the map to find a Udely near you, or post a order and wait for the proposals of different Udelys
  • Coordinates the order with one Udely
  • Wait for delivery

Looking for a delivery driver job? We have something better.

Be Your Own Boss

With Udely you can work for yourself as an independent contractor. Get paid for deliveries you made, and manage your own schedule. By signing up as an Udely you become your own boss. You will be in control of your own pay and hours. Udely will not take a percentage of your sales.

Why Choose Us

Looking to be a truly free independent contractor? We’ve got you covered. Udely allows you to be in full control of your own income, schedule, and your own product line. We do not take a percentage of any of your transactions. Its like launching business in an app. Run the Udely app in the background and receive notifications of orders being placed around you that you can fulfill.

Be A Part Of The App That Works For You

By signing up to Udely, you are joining a platform that works for you. Udely is always running in the background and is directing customers directly to your product. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get your business off the ground.

Ready to start selling your product in real time? Sign up for Udely today



Be your
own boss


Manage your
own schedule

About Us

What Makes Us Special

We love entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses alike. That’s why we developed Udely, the world’s first map integrated delivery service app. We understand that all businesses are different, and that all consumers are looking for different products. No matter what you sell; be it pizza, flowers, alcohol, or any other product you can think of, you can sell it on our platform, all while keeping in touch with your client in real time on the map.

Ride With Us

By signing up to Udely, you become your own boss. Much like owning your own business, you are free to set your own hours and pay through Udely. Ready to become an Udely? Sign Up Today! Become an Udely

What Drives Us?

We here at Udely live by a simple motto: Order whatever you want. We wanted to build the delivery platform everyone will use. That any independent contractor can sign up and begin fulfilling orders, and any users can download the app, buy any product, and have it delivered.